Monday, April 14, 2014

Dear Kitty 2

Dear Kitty,
I've struck out on negative luck. Cupcake, Mom and ME have the flu. NICE JOB CUPCAKE! I'M OFFICIALLY MAD. AWW no. :( Mom says we need to rest. Well, bye, I guess.....

Dear Kitty 1

Dear Kitty,
I remember when I accidentally gave my friend a heart attack. I poked her. I scared her to death, literally. As soon as I poked her, she died. I'm so heartbroken even STILL.
"SISSY!! LEMME IN, I wanna play with your cats!"
Ugh. Sorry. That was my 6 year old sister name Cupcake. Cupcake doesn't care what she has to do to get my attention.
I have my older sister. Kayla. Kayla is a jerk. She doesn't care about anyone or anything. She's so messed up, she was sent to a boarding school last year that has school all year around. I DON'T feel bad for her. She deserves it. On Spring break, she came home for two weeks, and she got into my favorite game account and used it. She hacked someone and got my account banned. -_- I got to go do the dishes. Then take a shower and then watch Cupcake.